Innovation is one of the dominant factors in the present day industrial establishment. It is a specific tool of entrepreneurs to pursuit opportunities and exploits change for the purpose of wealth creation. Application of innovation in technology related business offer new opportunities to conduct business. Technopreneurship, an emergent concept, aims to merge technology prowess and entrepreneurial talent and skills in this technology intensive context. Technopreneurs build bridges between business and technology advancement and the benefits go beyond immediate profits and higher incomes. In order to get deeper insights of innovation and technopreneurship as well as to enlarge the body of knowledge, we at Centre of Excellence in Entrepreneurship, INTI International University will host International Conference on Innovation and Technopreneurship (ICIT 2019) on August 7, 2019 at Sama Sama Hotel KLIA (Selangor, Malaysia).

Important dates

  • Full-Text Paper Deadline: 15 June 2019
  • Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: 2 weeks upon submission
  • Early bird rates: 15 June 2019
  • Registration Deadline: 15 July 2019
  • Conference date: 7 August 2019

Digital Economy: Meeting Challenges of Industrial Revolution 4.0



Facilitating change and transformation

    • Leadership and transformation through innovation
    • Shifts in structures, systems, processes and strategies in order to facilitate transformation
    • Business models to enhance the organizational transformation
    • Use of culture, vision, mission and core values for innovation
    • Innovation in education

Digitalisation of business

    • Embracing disruptive technologies in order to remain relevant and sustain the competitive advantage
    • Social media and business innovation
    • Digital transformation to support Industry 4.0 and beyond
    • Digitalisation of communication and mass media

Globalisation of diversity & innovative culture

    • Impact of convergence on organisations across the globe
    • Dynamics of diversity leading multiculturalism and globalization
    • Integration of the world’s economy
    • Challenges in contemporary business ethics for technopreneurs


Civil engineering & management

    • Building Engineering
    • Construction Management
    • Contract Management and Project Administration
    • Geological and Geo-Technical engineering
    • Water Resource Management

Innovation in industrial & production engineering

    • Applied plasma research
    • Big data in relation to engineering and manufacturing
    • Human factor and ergonomics
    • Material Processing and surface modifications
    • Systems design, plan, Schedule and control
    • Motor sports

Renewable energy & environment

    • Pollution control
    • Renewable energy
    • Scale modeling and thermo-fluid
    • Waste and resource management


Software engineering & information systems

    • Software engineering & CASE, automated software engineering, high performance computing, and human computer interaction
    • Systems, computing practices and applications, resource planning, and performance evaluation
    • Algorithms, applications, compilers, interpreters, and embedded systems
    • Computer games, modeling, and simulation

Network, cloud computing & big data analytics

    • Communications, networks, and security of protocols
    • Internet of Things
    • Web services, performance, and electronic data interchange (EDI)
    • Big data, data analysis and mining, business intelligence, sentiment analysis, information retrieval and web analytics


Life and health sciences

    • Medical and traditional medicine
    • Biotechnology research
    • Health sciences and nutrition
    • Environmental biotechnology and waste management
    • Bio-Industry and processes


    • Business and Management, Mass communication
    • Information Technology
    • Life and Health Science
    • Science and Technology